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Unboxing Beauty Box – Perfect Beauty Indonesia

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I received a super cute package from Perfect Beauty Indonesia and I’m totally loving it. There are serious gain of popularity towards Beauty Industry in Indonesia. Especially online. People in Indonesia really enjoys online shopping since it is better in a lot of different aspect. A lots of variety, saving time and money, a lots of discount, etc. The problem is that we need to choose which one suit us the best.

Perfect Beauty is one of the online beauty shop that has just launch recently and they have send me this beautiful package from La Rose Rouge Asia. A little about Perfect Beauty Indonesia. First time I visited their website, I found it really cool. They have Black and Pink Theme going on. The website itself is really catchy and easy to understand. If you go to their website, perfectbeauty.id, you’ll fine a lots of beauty related items such as Makeup, Skincare, Hair & Body, and Supplement. Which is pretty decent. You can also filter it by different types of categories. The thing that caught my intention is that they actually have a very wide range of product. It’s more of an online supermarket.

Perfect Beauty claims to have Free Delivery service if you spend 200k and if you Subscribe to the Newsletter, you’ll get 75k off from 350k minimum purchase. They also have a lots of Sale items right now so just check it out and see if you can find something you need.

Back to the Beauty Box.

La Rose Rouge Shampoo and Conditioner Set

La Rose Passion Series Repair Damaged Hair Shampoo – are made with the best ingredients for your hair, it’s not just water but it’s deionised water, it’s pure and refreshing. Plus it’s contains Keratin that repair dry, chapped, and damaged hair. Leaving a glow and smooth as silk healthy hair. You’ll fall in love from the first time you try it! Suitable to be used everyday! Use it over and over… and over again

Ingredients – Aqua, Cocamiopropyl Betaine, Keratine, Cocamide DEA, Dimethicone, Glycerin, Fragrance Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer,Triclosan.

How to use Shampoo – Apply Passion Series to wet hair and massage with flat hands from scalp to ends. Rinse throughly and repeat if necessary. For best result, follow with Passion Series Conditioner.

How to use Conditioner – Apply evenly to the wet or towel dried hair. Leave in hair for a few minutes and rinse well.

The packaging are just so cute that I think I’ll keep it when I finish the bottle. The shocking pink package combine with black tube is very edgy. It has 180 ml both Shampoo and Conditioner and it cost 150k for the Set. There are scent of rose on it but it’s not that strong. The conditioner has stronger scent, but it’ll fade after rinsing the hair.

La Rose Rouge Shampoo and Conditioner Set is designed for Damaged hair (like mine) and it claims to make the hair glow and smooth as silk. I used it once and I can tell how I love this product. It really makes the hair smooth and glow. Just that it might be a little bit too expensive for its size.

La Rose Rouge Cherubim Detangling Angle Brush

It’s a crime to create such a cute Hair Brush. I mean how can I use it? It’s too cute. Do you know Kate Middleton Tangle Brush? This is almost the same. The brush comes in two different colour, White and Black. It has Pink Brush. The comb makes the hair so smooth but it might not be the great option for a curly hair.

More info about Perfect Beauty and what they offer, you can directly go to perfectbeauty.id or follow their Social Media for more update. That’s it from me. See you in another time. xoxo.



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