A couple days ago Guardian Indonesia kindly sent me a Guardian Beauty Box. Guardian Indonesia is one of the biggest drugstore retail in Indonesia that you can find almost in every mall and other places in Indonesia. I bet almost everyone in Indonesia have been there before. They focused in health and beauty chain and became one of the biggest in their field in Indonesia.

I was so exciting when it first came in to my door. The Guardian Beauty Box was so so big and they had nice wooden packaging outside. Just to make sure it that was secure.

What is inside my Guardian Beauty Box?

The first thing that caught my eyes was this lovely Sheet Mask from Guardian Indonesia and Cherimoa. Guardian Indonesia does come out with their own product. One of them is this Sheet Mask. They included this Moisturising Pearl and Antioxidant Vitamin C in Guardian Beauty Box as one of their best selling product.

Cherimoa is a Korean Brand that also very popular with their Sheet Mask. I have tried them before and I love it. The one from Guardian Indonesia was also good but for dry skin, I still prefer Korean Brand. That’s why I am so thankful that they included this in their Guardian Beauty Box.

Sheet mask is super popular because it is simple, instant and cheap. You can buy it for about 25-50k IDR per sheet. It will give you an instant result for hydrating your skin. You can use Sheet Mask every week or you can use it whenever your skin needs an extra moisturiser.

Another thing that caught my attention is this beautiful makeup from Beauty Story. I have been dying to try this brand. They are Indonesian local brand that has been popular lately. They are one of the most affordable brand and the packaging was made so beautiful so my first impression was good. Guardian Indonesia sent me Beauty Story Natural BB Compact Powder and Chiffon Matte.

Beauty Story Natural BB Compact Powder that I got was in Luminous Medium. The formula was great. It was blend-able and even though it was a little bit lighter than my complexion, I can still use it to set my highlighting area. Beauty Story Natural BB Compact Powder came in two shade only, Luminous Medium and Luminous Sand. You can buy it for 50k IDR.

Beauty Story Chiffon Matte came in 13 beautiful shades and so affordable (95k IDR). The colour range is beautiful. The one that I got is called Rosy Future. It is a beautiful light neon pink colour. The colour is not really my colour but it still beautiful. The formula was okay. It was light and not that drying as another liquid lipstick. But for dry lips, it is DRY-ing. It was thick enough to cover the lip colour and set quickly. It has powdery finish . I don’t quite impressed with it. The wear time is 3-4 hour without touch up which I think okay for drugstore product.


Honestly I have seen this product in Guardian Indonesia before but I was not aware of it until it came in this Beauty Box. This is Hatomugi Skin Conditioner that was called to be Dr Albion dupe. It has Coix Seed Extract that can brightening, moisturise and dismiss your acne and dark spot. Seems promising right? I have tried it for a couple of days and what I can say is, it is hydrating and super light. I haven’t seen the brightening effect yet. I’ll update it with another review after a couple of weeks. I use it for not only for my face but also my body.

L’oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil is still my favourite until now so I am so happy that I get an extra bottle. When you are wearing hijab, a lot more hair problem occur. From dryness, hair-fall to dandruff. So this kind of treatment is a must. It’s like a food to my hair. It makes my hair so soft yet moisturise. Love it..

We all know that we need to consume Vitamin C everyday. Guardian Beauty Box takes care of our beauty and health. This Blackmores Vitamin C 500 mg is gentle on the stomach and helps reduce the severity and duration of colds.

It contains citrus bioflavonoids extract which can enhance the action of vitamin C in the body and buffered with mineral ascorbates making it gentler on the stomach compared to ascorbic acid alone.

The last thing came from Cetaphil. I love this brand. So gentle and doesn’t harm the skin. I have tried their Gentle Skin Cleanser and I like it. It’s not the best cleanser in the world, meaning it doesn’t really cleanse makeup but it so gentle and doesn’t give me a breakout. It also moisturises my skin, so I have no problem with it.

In this Guardian Beauty Box, I get Cetaphil Gentle Baby Wash and Shampoo, a beauty pouch and a tote bag. It is very thoughtful of Guardian. I haven’t try it yet but I will find a good use of it.

That’s about it. Thank you so much for Guardian Indonesia for trusting me trying out your popular product. As I said before, you can find everything written here in Guardian Indonesia that you can easily find almost in every mall in Indonesia. Guardian Indonesia offers you complete Health and Beauty Care and they also have a lots of discount everyday so make sure you check out their store or their social media.

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