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Holiday Makeup Challenge with Beautiesquad


The second challenge of BeautiHello everyone. This time me and my beloved beauty blogger friends (Beautiesquad) has made a makeup challenge for Holiday Makeup. This is our second makeup challenge. The first one was Smokey Eyes Challenge. And now we are coming back with more participant.

Why did we decided this Holiday Makeup Look? Well now is December and everyone having their holiday moment. You might go on a vacation with your family or your friends and you want to look great on the photos. You could be still in town and you might have a party plan where you want to look gorgeous.

Personally I went to other cities since my friends had wedding party and I try to look okay even though I need to minimise my belonging. I don’t want to carry that much stuff when I’m traveling. But also I want to have it factor when someone see me, maybe there’s some glitter strewn about, or a pop of velvety red lipstick. And little more highlighter won’t hurt anyone. Now let’s head into party and holiday season, let these holiday beauty looks inspire you to put a festive spin on your usual makeup.

Beauty by Liana || lianaestt

extraodiary || inezdivaa

hai-ariani || arianirosidi

vinasaysbeauty  || vinaeska

Absurd Beauty Blogger || christinauntari

deprut || depruttt

jennitanuwijaya.com || jennitanuwijaya

 jurnalsaya || phirlyv

chamtea || ranilukman


Journey About Makeup || liamelqha

Beauty Journey Story || indah.adonis

Beauty Revolution || savitrihutapea11

As you see the perception of holiday makeup varies. You can go natural, nudes or soft for the day. And you can give a little hint of colour or you can go all the way to bring all the shine to live. 🙂

This is an evening party look so I go for bolder version. The products I was using will be listed down below. If you want to know more about each makeup look, I link everyones Blog and Instagram for your references.

Products I used:

Milani Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation and Concealer in Golden Tan.

Makeover Translucent Powder. I forgot the the colour.

Mizzu Eye Base Essential.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.

LA Girl Neon Palette.

Mizzu Eyebrow Pencil in Ash Brown.

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner Black.

NYX Suede Lip Cream in Cherry Skies.

City Colour Be Matte Bronzer in Golden Truffle.

QL Cosmetics Mascara.

I think I used Ardell Lashes. Yep I had Falsies on.

I’m using my own mix blush where I put it in a small jar. Sorry I can’t prescribe it.

I do hope that you enjoy and get inspired by the looks. And if you are interested in joining our small squad, please let us now.

Last but not least, Happy Holiday everyone. By the end of this year I’m sure that some of our plan has became reality. There were so many things that happened and I am so grateful for that. I wish that next year we will have more resolution to complete and became a better person. Alles gute. 🙂

  • Eka MeilindaSari


    punya milani foundie juga, sayang nya beli 2 shade 2-2nya kegelapan buat aku..
    bulmatnya natural banget kakk,, Suka sama silver eye look begini kak,, cuakeepp..


    • Alifah

      lia, kalo ga mau kasih aku aja. ngarep. wkwk. emang rada oxidise milani ini, makanya pas udah agak lama makenya jadi rada gelap, cuma aku cocok sama foundie ini, warna pas banget dan kalo aku lagi tan banget, nggak jadi kayak topeng aku makenya.

  • Devi Purwati


    Aku suka liat kelopak nya kak alifah, enak banget kayaknya buat mainan esedo XD..

    Mascara QL sama eyeliner maybelline aku juga sukak banget pake nya . Udah 2 tahun ini pake itu dan blm ada niat pindah hati *tipikal setia* wkwkw


    • Alifah

      iya cinta banget sama QL. pas lah pokoknya. mau nyoba maskara lainnya pasti balik lagi akhirnya. maybeline aku masih lebih suka yg bentuk spidolnya.

  • Christina Untari


    Sudah kuduga NYX Jumbo Pencil yg milk, emang Favorit ya. Sayang, Uun belon punyaaa kak ^^


    • Alifah

      favorit banget. pengen punya warna lain juga. jadi wishlist aku tahun depan nih. hehehe

  • Lianaeka


    aw aku paling atas hihi jadi malu 😀

    • Alifah

      paling keceh paling atas ??

  • ranilukman


    Mupeng banget lah kak sama NYX Jumbo Eye Pencilnyaaa <3


    • Alifah

      goal aku punya semua warna wkwkwk..

  • savitrihutapea


    Hai..cetar warna eyeshadownya sukaaaaa ternyata pakai base si nyx jumbo ya, aku pengen deh biar warnanya keluar esedonya..


    • Alifah

      bisa juga basahin kuas dikit. kebetulan aku pake eyeshadownya warnanya mirip ama jumbo pencil yang milk, makanya warnanya jadi keluar banget. love.

  • Virly Ka


    Blush onnya mix sendiri? Wiihhh keceee ???

    • Alifah

      wkwkwk.. itu pake campuran lipsik yang udah mau habis sama vaseline cin.

  • Tian Lustiana


    Keren nih ngadain makeup challenge, saya mah belum berani ikutan haha

    • admin

      saya juga masih belajar mbak. ikutan yuk..

  • Edwina


    Base-nya flawless banget. Foundation-nya kece nih Milani.

    • Alifah

      Thank you darling. Hehehe orangnya juga kece nggak? LOL

  • jennifer tanuwijaya


    naksir jumbo eye pencil nya <3 <3

    • Alifah

      tunggu diskonan ya jen. Btw ini yang warna milk cepet banget habisnya.

  • leli


    Suka banget sama eyeshadownya. Warnanya hidup 😀

    • Alifah

      thank you darling. ini aku malah pusing dapat team winter pas challenge berikutnya. Harusnya pake tema ini yg kyk white christmas.

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