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How To Grow Your Youtube Channel – IFB Workshop


I’m sure that almost everyone have watched a Youtube video. Whether it’s a tutorial, vlog, news or music video. Have you ever wonder what it’s like to be a Youtuber? Have you ever want to make a Youtube video? FYI, Youtuber or Vlogger is a content creator through video and use Youtube as their media to share it. Why do I want to be a Youtuber? PS: I’m using the phrase Youtube is because Vlogging is a type of Youtube content.

I always wanted to do that because I know it will grow my network and level up my game as a Blogger or an Influencer wannabe. However, by that time I have no courage to make a Youtube video. A lots of reason. From technical stuff such as Camera, Lighting, Time, and Signal. Yes, Signal.

For someone who has a Full Time Job and working in a remote area, it’s really hard to consistently make a Youtube video. Even though everything can be arranged per schedule, I’m working 11 hours a day Monday to Saturday in a remote area where the signal is super hard to get. Even just to have a simple conversation trough Whatsapp, it’s hard. And I know that I this is not an easy job to stay focus on Youtube in my position. I used to write twice a week with a lots of creative idea and now I’m writing only once a week under stress. And how am I gonna do an extra Youtube video once a week?

Well that was my excuse. What I really consider why this needs to be done, is because I want this so bad and I need this for the sake of my future. I’m not gonna stay working in the project forever. Someday I’m gonna marry and have kids. This is what I want to do as a Job from home. And I want to take it seriously that’s why I need to start from now.

As I’m writing this, I’m still in Jakarta but soon I’ll fly back to Site. So I want to learn and do as much as possible within my two weeks at home. Thankfully Indonesian Female Blogger/Vlogger has made a really awesome Workshop with their Founder Mrs. Yonna Kairupan about How To Grow Your Youtube Channel. 

For those who doesn’t know Mrs. Yonna Kairupan, she is the founder of Indonesian Female Blogger and also Special Effect Makeup Artist. She is also a mother of 4 children, Videographer, Content Creator, and Celebrity Social Media Manager. Despite the busy schedule, she can still manage the time to do everything through her time management system. Which is amazing. What can I say more? She’s a true role model.

There were 19 Vlogger that was invited and I’m one of them. Obviously by that time I wasn’t one of the Vlogger. That’s why I’m so thankful to be part of this workshop. The workshop was held in Best Western Premier The Hive Jakarta as sponsored and was also by NYX Cosmetics Indonesia.

This is the importance of an event. I get to meet a lots of people that I usually just know through the Social Media. Even though we have been followed each other, it’s just different if you meet people in a real life. I finally meet my girls from Beautiesquad. So amazing that we eventually meet here. I mean we have been talking and never really meet each other for so long. #themomentoftruth

The workshop was really fun and Mrs. Yonna really heated up the atmosphere so it wasn’t boring at all. We started about 2PM and continue until 6PM for Dinner aka Break The Fast since it was the first day Ramadhan (27/5). Psstt.. Best Western Premier The Hive has 60 types of Takjil for your reference. Great place to break the fast with the family and friends.

We had a lots of tips from Mrs. Yonna and also Goodie Bag from NYX Cosmetics, that I’ll have it reviewed later (also in Youtube). In the workshop, we also learned to presenting on the spot as the part of practice which is really cool because where else you’re gonna get the chance to stand out of the crowd, right. What did I learn from the workshop?

Why You Should Do Youtube?

As we start, there was a Question for us. Why do you want to do Youtube. Obviously, there are a lots of reason of Why You Should Do Youtube. It’s a Networking Asset. Also you’re gonna learn a lots of things like presenting yourself, again marketing, technical things like video editing, etc.

It can’t be denied that most of the people were going to think about money. Yes, you can earn money though Youtube such as from Adsense, Endorsement, and Affiliate. But If you’re focusing on only the Money, then you are in the wrong side. Here is the deal, it’s not like we’re gonna have tons of Subscriber from Day 1. You need to work hard to achieve it. So it’s wrong if you quit your job just to do Youtube when you have no backup plan. If you are confuse about the decision to start doing Youtube, let’s have a moment and ponder.

1. Why Do You Want To Do This?

2. What Do You Want To Achieve?

3. What Benefits Will You Get?

It’s a really tough job. You’re going to deal with making it to the game when you first start. You’ll need to learn something that you never had before. You’ll probably needs to do it alone. Once done and no one was viewing your video, no Subscriber this week, I mean it hurts.

And even if you’re getting big, you will face negative comment about you sometimes. or Thumb Down. Deal with it was not an easy task. But don’t make those excuses stopping you to grow. Now if you have all the questions answered, Let’s jump into it.

Let’s start Youtube!!

1.  Know Your Strength and Weakness

The cool thing about starting Youtube, is that you can learn about yourself more. You can start with finding your Strength and Weakness before deciding what content suit you the best and how can you present yourself in the public.

2. Focus On Specific Niche

Niche is important as the quality of the video. Subscribers want to have someone who has specific niche and that’s what makes you matter because they’ll find yourself to be their role model in some specific case. Not many general channel has made it big because people tend to get confused about what are you wanna do exactly. The more specific niche you can have, the better.

3. What Value You Can Give

What can you give to the audience. Is it information, education, or entertain? Audience want to have benefits if you want to be Subscribe. You do that too right? So think of audience perspective.

4. Doing It By Yourself

This is something that I just realised. Most of the Youtubers tend to do everything by themselves. It’s rare to see a Youtubers that has team behind it and make it big. Like really big. Well in some cases yes. But it’ll somehow slow the growth of the channel in someway when you first doing it.

5. Maximize Youtube Search

As a blogger, I grow with SEO all the time. And Youtube has its own. It’s called Youtube Search. It’s actually focusing on how people can find you first when they search thing that they want to know.

6. Consistent

Consistency here is more about how often can you maintain to upload the video. It is once or twice a week, or even everyday. If you don’t have enough content? Try batching. You can split the video into several parts and have them uploaded regularly rather that make a really good long video once and have another uploaded every other time when you have idea.

7. Ready For Haters

Even Fairy God Mother has haters. So don’t be so offended by harsh comment you get. In fact, haters is someone who really pay attention to all of your work. They can be the reminder of us to improve ourselves.

8. Hustle More

Last but not least, hustle more. Don’t stop working hard and we will eventually be on top if we keep improving and keep growing with all the things that we deal with. Learn how to promote the content through Social Media in a right way.

There was a lot more thing to learn from this Workshop and I’m so glad that I made it. That was a whip to myself and I actually done one video on my Channel. The hardest thing is to start and I’m so happy that I did it. Of course I’m super nervous but also excited in the other hand. And I think that If I can do it, you can surely do it too. 😉

If you want to join another Workshop from IFB (Indonesian Female Blogger), make sure to stay tune on their Social Media (Facebook, TwitterInstagram) and find more about Mrs. Yonna Kairupan on her Instagram here. Also thank you so much for Best Western Premier The Hive (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and NYX Cosmetics  (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to sponsored the workshop. I hope there will be more of it to help us grow. xoxo

  • Oline


    Seruuu yahh workshopnya kmrn.. Jadi banyak ilmu ya yang kita dapat kemarin..

    • Alifah

      Mudah2an lebih banyak workshop kayak gini lagi ya. See you in another event.

  • zata ligouw


    I have a youtube channel already but i dont think im ready for haters, ahaha, makanya isinya masih sedikit ;p

    • Alifah

      Aku juga baru upload 1 video. Mudah2an bisa konsisten bikin vlog terus. Haters udah banyak sih. tp paling mereka2 itu yang subs.

  • Lia Harahap


    Mbak, kerjanya apa? Lama juga ya sampe 11 jam. Tapi bener kata Mbak Yonna, no excuse. Kalau mau fokus harus sempet ya 🙂

    • Alifah

      kerja di projek say. iya nih harus bener2 fokus dan pintar bagi waktu.

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