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Goban Cosmetics Melted Matte Lip Review



Back with another liquid lipstick review. Yes it is local brand and yes this is so good that everyone has been talking about it. Goban Cosmetics (GOrgeous Beautiful ANgel) is one of Indonesian brand that has launched this Melted Matte Lip series back in the end of 2016. They came in 6 different shades and the color range has been chosen selectively to match every skin tone. I know that I review this a little bit late since I just got this from my friend. XD

GOBAN Cosmetics is bold, feminine, fun & adventurous. Driven by multicultural beauty and numerous cups of coffee, GOBAN Cosmetics is created for the next generation where creativity and trends are born.

GOBAN Cosmetics has merged by two excites countries, Korea and France. Art, music, fashion and beauty from both countries is very different yet sophisticated. Experiences and living in the most beauty buzz over the years, our creators is inspired to create incredibly chic, fun, cool and ambitious formula for each angel to feel gorgeous and beautiful every single day. Oh! And GOBAN stands for GORGEOUS AND BEAUTIFUL ANGELS.

Obviously they got the influence from two countries mention in their website, but it might seems to keep the Indonesian way. The name Goban itself means 50k in Indonesian slang. Just my thought. 🙂

The Packaging design is dominated with black and see trough glass case so we can see its color. There are note in the bottom of the tube with the shade name on it.

The applicator is typical doe foot. The size is not that big or not that small. It’s good so that we can shape it precisely.

The Shades

HONEY MOON – Medium-toned Pink

DAY DREAMING – Warm-toned Nude

SWEET LOVIN – Medium-toned Plum

BUTTERFLY – Medium-toned Coral Pink


TEDDY BROWN – Medium-toned Brown

The color range of Goban Cosmetics Melted Matte Lip is not that special tbh. They are similar on the lips. They’ll look different once it dries since it’s oxidase. But the color are so pretty and it suit my skin tone as well.

The  formulation itself is lightweight and the pigmentation is great. It’s liquid that dries matte. It’s not drying on the lips and it sets in couple of minutes. The formula is similar to another Indonesian local brand under  PT. Continental Cosmetics, such as BLP, Mineral Botanica, etc.

Goban Cosmetics Melted Matte Lip claimed to be waterproof and long lasting. I haven’t tried it under the water but I ate and drank when I was wearing it. It’s not smudge proof and transfer proof. I can still see the stain in the cup. And after meals, the color fade but it was still there.

There are light scent in the formulation. It stays after application for quite a long time. For those who has sensitive nose, you might love it or hate it. The wearing time is about 4-5 hours which is pretty good for me. It is better to reapply it rather that retouch it since it can get patchy.

Overall I like this Melted Matte Lip. I might say it’s 4 out of 5. I like all the color. I think it’ll suits all skin tone. The formulation are great. It’s not drying, it’s comfortable and it’s last very well. The price is 130k IDR and you can order it directly on their website gobancosmetics.com.

Let me know what you think about the color and if you already try it before, how was it? Hope this review is helpful. 🙂

  • Edwina Hidayah


    Penasaran dengan lip cream Goban ini, saking banyaknya lip cream baru bermunculan dengan shade mirip-mirip.

    • Alifah

      Eaaa… gw jg dr penasaran gt win.. 🙂

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