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2 Looks With Face2Face Cosmetics Eye Makeup Kit



I have been loving Face2Face Cosmetics Product lately. They are one of Indonesian Local Cosmetics Brand that gains attention in a beauty communities. If you read my previous post about “Why We Need To Change Our Preference To Local Products“, it’s was one of their campaign to increase the awareness of our local product. I know that this might seems so set up, but it did make me want to explore more of Indonesian Local Brands. I mean, they are good too. Some even better than many of international drugstore brands.

Anyway, let’s talk about Face2Face Cosmetics in general. Face2Face Cosmetics is one of Indonesian Local Brand that has a lot of variety in their product. One of their best one is Peel Off Nail Polish that I have been dying to try. I’ll get some when I back home in two weeks.

They also have some of skincare, body care, and also makeup products. Face2Face Cosmetics are kind enough to send me their Eye makeup set and their DD Cream (new release) that has become my favorite lately. I create looks from their eye makeup set which is Green Royal Eye Shadow, Sweet Cocoa Eye Shadow, Face2Face Eye Liner Liquid Black, and Volumizing and Waterproof Mascara.

Face2Face Eye Shadow

They have three colors of small eye shadow palette. Green Royal, Sweet Cocoa, and Pink Romance. I got two of them. The package is simple and it has brush and mirror within. The pigmentation is great and there is no fallout which is so cool for 42.5k IDR. I mean, it’s so cheap.

Face2Face Eye Liner Liquid Black

This Liquid Liner is not my favorite but it’s cool. I like the consistency and its color. This is an okay product. You can get it for 58.8k IDR on their website. I’m not the fan of its smooth tip cause I can’t control the line very well with it. It’s small so that I can simply travel with it and it staying power, is very good. I wore it to work couple of time and it stays very well.

Volumizing and Waterproof Mascara

As you see in its title, this mascara claimed to be volumizing and waterproof. Yes, it does the job on volumizing. It does make my eye lashes wake from its natural stand but it not wowing me. The waterproof claims works well and it’s freaking cheap. For 55k IDR you a decent mascara that actually work. I’m sold.

First Look : Spring Natural

For this first look I go for more spring natural look. I used both Eye Shadow palette. Just a little bit but enough to make the color stands. The Black Eye Liner and Mascara are used to. For lips, I used my favourite Purbasari 81. PS: If you are in Indonesia, try this lipstick. It’s awesome local brand and it’s super cheap.

Cheeks : NYX Ombre Blush

Foundation : LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation

Second Look: Spring Bold

I used the exact same product with the first look. It just that I used more and in a bolder way. And I use the falsies by Silver Swan. Another local brand that I’m so proud of. Turns out that I love the eye shadow more than I expected. Definitely worth the price and totally stand out the crowd. You can check Face2Face Cosmetics in their website and social media linked below. Let me know what you think of the look. Thank you.

Face2Face Cosmetics

Webstore: http://www.f2f.co.id/

Instagram: @f2f.cosmetics

Facebook: @f2f.cosmetics

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