Hello beauties…

This is going to be a special post for me because this is where I started all the blogging stuff. I started to blog probably about more than a year now. At that time, I searched a lot about blogging tips and how to grow my blog. I was so into it and I wanna have blogger friend and share a lot of blogging stuff because my friends zone at that time wasn’t support it.

So I started to search for Facebook Groups for blogger in Indonesia. I joined a couple of groups. But that’s it. I then posted that I want to know you girls personally. Can I have your number? Or do you have a WhatsApp group that I can join? Obviously that wasn’t turn out that good in a group BUT I have found something else. Virly form Journal Saya contacted me and like “Hey do you wanna be in our group? We are just making it for starter and it is just a small group.” I was like “Hell yeah”. That’s Beautiesquad ladies.

And the time goes by. I felt so lucky and I started to look for another participant. I know a lot of people feel the same way as I do when I first started. And I simply just want to have more friends. It turns out that people that I was invited, are way beyond awesome. I gained a lot of this from this group and I just can’t thank you enough for that.

Beautiesquad is getting bigger and bigger. We started to have more participant, gained followers on Beautiesquad Instagram and Facebook Groups, make some programs like Makeup Collaboration and Ngopi Cantik. We also partnered with some brands. Personally I think I grown up a lot. From a girl who just like makeup and blog to a girl that is into makeup and blog. I learned a lot from the girls and made my blog grow. It’s a win win solution for me. Even though I’m now busy with the main job and have another freelance, they still with me everyday.

I heard about this our Beautiesquad 1st Anniversary Gathering and they picked Jogja. I am way beyond happy. Jogja has my past and have a very special place in my heart, so I was like let’s do this. Well actually I didn’t know if I can make it or not. I have a tight schedule to Site (work) and I feel like it was just not match the schedule. But I did it. Hurray..

Pondok Sare

We arrived in Jogja on Friday and went directly went to Pondok Sare. It’s located in Jalan DI Panjaitan, near Alun Alun Kidul and Pasar Gading. Jalan Prawirotaman (this is where all the cafes located) is only max 10 minutes.

The girls started to come and we connected like magic. I mean we only know each other by WhatsApp, and you might think that we would feel awkward, but we’re not. Just perfectly blend to each other.

Pondok Sare is amazing. It has homey and vintage feeling so we feel like we are in Jogja. Duh.. The space is not that spacious but it’s plenty. There are two types of room here. Private room for max 2 peoples and Dorm room for 4 people. There are plenty of photo spots and public space where you can just chill and hangout with the others. And they got a free fish foot massage too. The price is so affordable and you got breakfast in the morning too.


In the morning, we have Beautiesquad Workshop with Avoskin. Avoskin is a local cosmetics/skincare brand based in Jogja. So this is perfect for our theme Beautiesquad Goes To Jogja because everything has Jogja feel.

For Beautiesquad 1st Gathering, we have received the not yet launched Perfect Hydrating Treatment Essence in a travel size. Thank you so much for Mbak Fira and Mbak Nada for the support and knowledge.

Speaking of Indiecology, it is located in Jalan Sagan. The place is so open and blends to nature. You can feel so homey and vintage as well. Perfect for small garden party and the food was okay.

The decor is from Edelweiss Party Planner and we absolutely love it. It has girly, energetic vibe that represent the Beautiesquad 1st Gathering so much. I surprised how it blends out so nicely with Avoskin white and green colour too.

 Sogan Batik

After done with Workshop, we were heading Sogan Batik. Beautiesquad Goes To Jogja is not complete with the touch of Batik of course. In Sogan Batik we learned to make Batik from A to Z. The were just basically showed us everything. If you are looking for their design, Sogan Batik has the uniqueness that is so authentic. That’s why their rocking the market.

The place itself is so Jogja. I can’t describe how it feels but it just feel like home. Even though we were tired and the heat is not compromising, we are rocking our Batik. Well I’m not that talented, but al least i did it. LOL.

Secret Garden

After Mbatik at Sogan Batik, we were back to Pondok Sare and prepare for Beautiesquad 1st Gathering Gala Dinner at Secret Garden. Secret Garden located in Jalan Amir Yahya Wirobrajan. I have been here for a few times and it always look amazing. Damn like I want to take a picture as soon as I arrive. The decor was so beautiful, the place is so perfect and I was with my girls. Perfect.

City Tour And Lunch at Madame Tan

After long day on the first day of Beautiesquad 1st Gathering, we were back at Beautiesquad Goes To Jogja course which is the Museum. Museum Vredeburg located in Malioboro block is a must if you visit Jogja. With only Rp. 3.000,- you can have your Jogja experience here.

Then we headed to Jalan Malioboro for shopping of course. Malioboro is the center of tourist location and this is a must thing to do in Jogja. Beautiesquad Goes To Jogja? Of course Malioboro is on the list. We shop like crazy and headed to Madame Tan in Tugu so eat some Lunch. Shopping needed energy you know.

A very delicious buffet was there and we ate like in a starvation period. Again Madame Tan is very vintage and has luxurious feeling to it. But it all was worth it because the food is awesome.

In the mean time of course during the day we have a lot of Insta story going on. We took a lot of pictures and of course the hastag #bskejogja #bs1stgathering. We couldn’t make it alone so I would like to thank everyone who has been working so hard for this and the sponsors who are so supportive. It means a lot and of course we would like to continue this relationship for a very long time.

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