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Astalift Jelly Aquarysta : Is it worth the Price?

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The first time I was asked about Astalift, I don’t know about it. I just searched some information before I was attending their event. It was last month, February, with another Beauty Blogger in Central Park Mall, West Jakarta. We were given information about the product and the connection with Fujifilm.

The event itself wasn’t that impressive that’s why I don’t really have a lot to talk about it. We were trying some of Astalift product and everyone was given a goodie bag with couple of things to try on. I got a Foundation and Jelly Aquarysta. Since the foundation was to light for me, I swatch it with my friend, Gracia (you can check her blog here). So I get her Sun Protection and I gave her my Foundation. She didn’t want it since it didn’t match her skin type.

When I got home, my chatting group was already hectic about how “generous” they were. I was shock about the products price (it doesn’t seem that pricey at the event. I know they are High End Brand but I didn’t know it was that expensive. In Singapore, for 40 gr Jelly Aquarysta, it cost and for about $148 and for 30 gr Perfect UV Protection, it was about $68. I mean that is so expensive for Indonesian price tag. Is it really worth the price?

PS : I will talk more about Jelly Aquarysta more because it is Astalift best product and it does impress me the most. Astalift Perfect UV Protection is a great base for my makeup and does the job very well but so does my other UV Protection with lower price. The foundation was great but as I told you before it wasn’t my color and the color range wasn’t for me, so I’ll pass on that one.

Astalift is a high end Japanese brand which is under Fujifilm. Astalift create a skincare product that is formulated with 3 different types of collagen in different sizes. It is not only to hydrate skin surface, but also to effectively permeate deep into the skin’s stratum corneum layer. They all act together to moisturise and enhance skin suppleness, as well as to enhance the collagen deep inside your skin. Astalift is also powered by Astaxanthin, Lycopene and highly-permeable Resveratrol.

Astaxanthin is an antioxidant that is 1,000 times more powerful than CoQ10 (Co-enzyme Q10). It protects the collagen within your skin from damage and maintains the skin’s elasticity and firmness. Like Astaxanthin, Lycopene and highly-permeable Resveratrol are antioxidants with age-defying properties.

Astalift Jelly Aquarysta


The epitome of all ASTALIFT’s products – Jelly Aquarysta, is a unique anti-ageing phenomenon for every woman. The uniquely named Aquarysta is derived from AQUA and CRYSTAL, which symbolises the light as water texture of the clear jelly, and the crystal-clear, moisturised skin it brings. It is the first product to be used right after cleansing / washing in your daily skincare regime, and before lotion and emulsion. This extraordinary revolutionary skincare formula targets visible signs of premature ageing: dark spots, lines and dull skin, delivering visibly younger, more luminous and ‘replumped’ skin.

Key Ingredients

Human-type nano-Ceramide nano-Astaxanthin nano-Lycopene highly-permeable Resveratrol Collagen Damask Rose.


Astlift chose the color Red as their primary color. It is just so pretty and looks expensive. It comes with a spatula to make it more sterile. The glass case and a “tatakan” to make it all place perfectly. The glass is not finger print proof but it stays clean and looks like the first time you take it out of the box.

There are some detail information everywhere but it is in Japanese so yeah.. Just read the translated one. 🙂


Astalift Jelly Aquarysta is their best seller. It’s like a pre-serum jelly. Ok, it’s jelly. And it’s orange-ish kind of color that happened due to Astaxanthin, one of the main ingredients of all their products. Astaxanthin is naturally anti-oxidative, that is, it helps combat active oxygen.

I love the texture because even after scooping some of the jelly out, it returns to its placid form after a while, which is amazing, as though the product always looks brand new.  The product quivers deliciously exactly like jelly – it is made in this form to prevent precipitation of the highly crystalline human type ceramides and enables mixing them in high concentration.

Jelly Aquarysta has a little bit scent of Damask Rose and it’s amazing. It’s so subtle and doesn’t bother me at all. After the application, the jelly absorbs right away and the color disappears. It’s not oily or sticky at all. I used it right after I cleanse and before toner or serum. It’s said that it is better to apply it with tapping motion since some people can’t rub it properly.


Final Thought

It does my makeup goes smoother. It makes my skin so hydrated, fresh and appears firmer. I love how my skin looks supple and glowing the whole day. My makeup comes of easier as well and my skin has never got this better before.

I can see why it’s cost that expensive. Everything was so well thought and well made. It’s almost everything that my skin need. Will I repurchase it again? Yes definitely. I know it’s hell of the price, but it’s worth it and make my other “cheaper” skincare products does the job so so good. I am so glad that I get to try this Astalift Jelly Aquarysta. You can chack out other products from Astalift from their official website and social media down below. Thank you.


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