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My name is Alifah Puarada. As you might notice, Puarada is our family name, that’s why we use the name to bring us closer. We are originally mixed of Papua and Bugis. We are not living together but we see each other often.

This Blog is the work of art that me, my beloved sisters. Here we share everything we know about everything that we love and we know you’ll love it to. Make Up and Skincare, Favorite Brands, Food, Lifestyle, Travel, Ideas, Tips and many more!

We love Makeup so much and trying to be one of the best one in the industry. We love skincare as much as we love Makeup since it is one of the crucial factor to be taken care when we do makeup. We love to go traveling and eating as much as we can. Enjoying everything that we have and we hope to give more positive vibe to you.

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